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Copyright Myths Debunked : Art + Law + Blog

Myth 1:

Copyright protection comes from placing a "©" on your work.

a. Absolutely true. Why else would that little c be in the circle?

b. Sometimes true, depending on things I'm not really sure about.

c. Not true.

The answer is c. For works created after March 1, 1989, copyright protection attaches immediately and automatically at the moment of creation. You can even try it at home: take a pen, draw a quick sketch. Done? Great. Copyright protection has already attached. And it does not require you to pen in that familiar © symbol. 17 USC §401(a); 17 USC §102(a).

For works created before March 1989, the © was required for protection-although in the labyrinth of copyright laws, some allowance was made for works published after December 31, 1977 if the would-be copyright owner took certain measures to cure the error of omitting the mark.

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